Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday is a special day

It has been a new experience with our house having Saturday chores. I think in the apartment, I took care of everything because there wasn't a ton of room to give instruction and then stand back and let them help. So I always did most of the chores. It was fun however this week to work as a family to achieve our to-do list around the house.

Ruby was very helpful and specifically told me she was my special helper. We changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms, and unloaded the dishwasher. It was fun to let her help, I know she loves to be a part of whatever is going on. For instance when we first moved in and Jed was setting up bed frames, she would ask every few minutes what she could do to help and when we told her we would call her when we needed her, it was nearly impossible to get her to go play because she felt very strongly that her help would be missed.

Emma wanted to be where we were and did her part by making sure the quilts didn't sneak off while Ruby and I changed sheets. She also helped herself to the green apple shampoo and was trying to work up a lather while we were working on the bathroom. I asked her if she wanted to go and play in the toy room while Ruby and I finished up. She gladly obliged.

Before we started chores Jed started a game of hide and seek with the girls. It was so funny to hear them squeal with delight when they found daddy or he found them. I had to take a picture of the best hiding place. Jed and Emma hid together while Ruby was looking and she burst into the laundry room and shouted "Found ya!" Only to realize she didn't see them. Then they started laughing and she found them.

Jed also has been working on a project of his own. My dad generously bestowed a garage door opener on us as a house warming gift. He bought it for himself when he thought his wasn't working and then it started working again. He didn't ever return it so when we moved he put it in my car. I snapped this picture when Jed was telling me not to snap anymore pictures of him on the ladder. I know what a distraction I can be. lol

As for me I am 14 weeks today. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and wanted to take pictures to document this pregnancy this time around since we didn't have a camera when were expecting Ruby, and then I was just a loaf during Emma's. And maybe the real reason is that I can take my own pictures now that we have longer mirrors. I also have been really enjoying styling my hair this way, the A-line was cute but very time consuming with my wavy hair. Now that it is a little longer I can just gel it and then add a few curls. It is most convenient.


  1. I love all the pictures of your saturday is a special day activities. It is good that you are teaching them young. Ruby is such a good little helper. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  2. OH so classy hair. I love it!! Your girls are sure growing up. They're adorable and such good helpers!

  3. LOVE your hair! Super cute Ash! You don't even look a teeny bit pregnant yet though. I'm pretty sure I looked about 6 months at 14 weeks :P You look beautiful!

    I know I said it before, but please tell Ruby I just think she looks fabulous in her super cute glasses!

  4. Yep your hair looks GREAT like that, and you are tiny. You looks awesome. I cant wait to have a house and more rooms to clean, easy to say now, I am sure it will get old fast! haha

  5. Yay for big helpers! Glad the excitment of cleaning a new house has hit you-hope it stays with you for a nice, long time :) Your hair does look really pretty-and I would never guess you were pregnant without you mentioning.

  6. I love Saturdays! You looked gorgeous in that picture!!! So fun that you are getting along in the pregnancy. I can't wait to be out there with you and watch you GROW. I agree with Angie that you don't look pregnant at all, but it so fun!