Thursday, October 22, 2009

The mamas and the papa, oh and C.C.

We have had a few fun adventures in the past week. We went to Gardner Village with my mom to see all of the witches on display and also for the scavenger hunt. Each time we found one, Ruby would take a quick look at them and be ready to rush on to find the next one. It was a fun day to get out of the house, part of the reason we went up that way was that I also had a Dr. appointment. The baby's heartbeat was 145 and the MA found it immediately. I commented on it and she said that it is pretty rare to find it that fast at 14 weeks.

Last Friday we also go another great surprise. Jed called and told me his parents were coming out for a visit. It was exciting because, the girls and I hadn't seen them since the day we moved into our house. Part of that was due to their trip to Hawaii, but it was very fun to see them again and hear about their vacation. The girls had Papa up and down the stairs and Ruby ran the official tour of the house. It is very strange to be far enough away that just going over to say hi isn't an option anymore. I really miss it, but the way I am choosing to look at it is that it will make visits more special and more of a treat.

Ruby learned about Christopher Columbus at school on the 16th and came home with this cute hat. The funny thing was is that the first words out of her mouth were not about C.C. But about something entirely different. "Mommy, Jackson, Summer and I are going to Disneyland!" Her teacher informed me that they talk about this trip everyday during play time. I also very much enjoyed hearing Ruby tell me about C.C. and what he did. "Christopher Columbus, swam in the ocean on a boat and looked through his skepalope and saw many people."


  1. LOL skepalope! Love it :)

    Great pic of the kids and Mom and Dad!

  2. I need to get me one of those skepalopes. :P Pack her up and ship her down-we-re headed to Disneyland for Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh. . .and I love Gardner's Village during Halloween.