Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I almost forgot

Yesterday I went to see my dear friend Jessica, who had her baby about a week ago. she is a smidgen older than me but just had her 4th baby. I think she is incredible and we had a wonderful visit. Her new son is so precious. As we were visiting she was telling me that her son Owen who is Ruby's age reminded her of our little hike to Bell Canyon Reservoir about 5 weeks ago. I am so glad she reminded me of this. I was going to write about it, and then I forgot with everything else going on.

It was a week before our move, and each day I would try to think of something to get out of our apartment that was filled with boxes and allowed very little room to play. I called my friend Jessica to see if she wanted to get together. Her husband had a few days off and they were going on a hike to Bell Canyon Reservoir and doing a bit of fishing. She kindly invited us along. The hike was special, especially to me, a 9 week pregnant out of shape plunk who had to carry her almost 2 year old the whole way up. In a word, it was grueling. Ruby was a champion and was happy and energetic the whole way up. It was so nice when we reached the top.

Scott went out to fish, while Jessica and I had a fun visit on the shore. Ruby, Morgan and Owen went to play on the rocks and ended up playing "Peter Pan." Emma and Evan stayed with Jessica and I and occasionally Emma would slowly inch her way down the shore and get close to the water. I would have to hurry and go get her back up close to us. Did I mention that Emma has absolutely no fear of water?

After a few warnings she was getting to close, she hurried up and to the waters edge and fell in. I was up on my feet in an instant and ran to grab her. I was about 10 feet from her and by the time I got there her head was under the water and she was flailing. Without a second thought I was in the water, I took a step to get close to her and slipped putting me in shoulder deep. I quickly grabbed her and we turned around to head out of the water. The strange thing of it all was how calm she was. She didn't even cry, and she had to have been under the water for at least 5-8 seconds. I can't even tell you how relived I was that she was ok. It happened so quickly and I am glad my reaction was quick.

Once on the shore with both of us dripping water, I looked at my friend and just started to laugh. I wasn't sure if I was in shock or if it was laughter of relief that she was ok. We cuddled on the shore and ate fishy crackers for the rest of the time. Evan who is Emma's age got really scared when Emma went in the water and never left his mom's side after that.

It was quite the adventurous outing.


  1. That's so scary! I am glad you were able to stay calm, but I can't remember you anything but calm! And hilarious! I love your blog, you're so funny! And I love your hair in your 14 week picture!

  2. Scary! Glad your little dare-devil is safe, and that you were able to laugh a bit over it. My emotions always get mixed up in heightened emotions. So, if I ever laugh and you think it is an inappropriate time to laugh. . .don't worry, I probably already know and am trying so hard not to laugh.

  3. Wow!! I'd have been horrified. I'm so paranoid at the beach. I'm sure I stifle my kids enjoyment of the beach/ocean a bit with my paranoia, but the old adage "better safe than sorry" rings so true in my ears.