Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday bliss

Since Jed worked his birthday on Thursday we had an extra long weekend and got to spend Friday as a family. Ruby was thrilled that Daddy got to pick her up from school.

In the afternoon we drove to Riverton to drop the girls off at Jed's mom's school. We exchanged cars with her and headed off to our movie. Jed loves driving his moms car and says he feels like he is in a sports car. (Compared to our van, it seems quite understandable.) Jed was so funny the whole way there because we were running a bit late. He would often go into his high pitched voice filled with anxiety and rattle the steering wheel when people got in our way or slowed down. It was quite comical and we pretty much laughed the whole way there.

We got to the theater and we knew our movie had already started. So we sped walked as quickly as I allowed us too and headed to our seats. At first I as nervous because I hate walking in the dark when I can't see, and I don't like walking in front of people. Our seats also weren't very accommodating to my urgent bladder. So I was worried about that too, since the movie was almost 3 hours long. I also got a little motion sick because of the 3-D so occasionally I would have to flip up my glasses. When I get motion sick I get really hot and sometimes it makes me throw up. So I was starting to get really hot, I turned to Jed and asked if though it would be a big deal if I took my shirt off as I had a Modbe underneath it. I did so and felt much better. So with all of that happening I was thinking that I wasn't going to enjoy the movie. I was quite wrong.

Avatar was incredible!!! I was completely expecting it to be sci-fi-ish and I would be confused. The story was so well done and the graphics, where do I start? It didn't seem like a 3 hour movie at all. I love, love, loved it! Can't wait until it comes out on Blue Ray.

After our movie we went to Texas Roadhouse and were told we had a 75 minute wait. We reserved our spot and headed over to the mall. We did a bit of browsing and then Jed wanted to look at some shoes for work. We found the perfect pair, but the wrong color. They were able to order it and ship it to our house for free. Jed is looking forward to his purchase coming.

By the time we were seated, I was so thirsty I finished two glasses of water and a cherry limeade and then I was full. So I think I ate 3 bites of my steak and 2 fries. It was so nice to be able to get out on a date and just be together. The last time we did that was 3 months ago on our anniversary. We were so grateful for Brent and Suzanne giving up their Friday night so we could go out. The girls had so much fun with Luke and Ellee, and talked constantly about going to see Grandma and Grandpa.

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