Friday, February 26, 2010

Little makeovers

We knew that Ruby would need a dresser since Emma and Eli would be sharing so we moved ours downstairs and took a field trip to RC Willey and got ourselves a bedroom set. It is something that we have wanted for a long time so it was such a treat and we got it for a good deal.

While we were shopping, we told Ruby she would get to have our dresser and she immediately got a look of concern on her face and said "But I can't reach the top drawers."

Jed was home yesterday from work because he woke up with pink eye, but he still had to go into the office and sign checks, so while he was gone, Ruby and Emma did some coloring while I updated Ruby's name letters that go on her wall. They previously matched her crib set so I wanted to make them match her quilt. I love that you can applique on wood. It was so easy and it whipped up quickly. We will be hanging them on her wall today.

As Ruby was coloring she decided to color Jed a picture with the complete confidence that it would make him feel better. it was so cute. When she gave it to him, he sang it's praises and I later found it in a place I least expected it, on our new dresser. The perfect place for it. If you look closely you can see where she signed her name.

The girls also had a fun time dressing up on Wednesday, and I am so happy that they are so mindful of Emma and always include her. They are such good little friends.


  1. Hope Jed gets to feeling better soon! We would love to go on a double date! Fridays and Saturdays are the best options for us usually. I'm excited to see you!

    Ruby's name letters look awesome! Your bedroom set looks awesome! The dress-up picture made me laugh, they look so cute. That's so wonderful that Ruby makes sure to include Emma. They're such good girls.

  2. I love Ruby's letters. They turned out great!

  3. How fun to get a new bed set. I love Ruby's name so cute! Sad we didn't get to see eachother today, boo for sick kids!

  4. nice bedroom set! Way to go!

  5. oh how fun! I love it! I think your little ruby is hillarious. I can't wait to have a child that talks. love it. love you! kim