Monday, February 8, 2010

Rediculously late

If you recall, I said I would post a picture of Eli's ultrasound about 11 weeks ago. It never happened and I just saw it in our photo folder on our computer so I figured better late than never.

Jed picked out the fabric for Eli's rag quilt. I love it, he did a good job. Hopefully I will have it done in the next two weeks or less.


  1. Awww! We can't wait to meet little Eli. Can you tell who he looks most like from the ultrasound? (That might be a really ignorant question-I don't know =)

  2. That's not an ignorant question. As silly as it sounds, the profile looks the same to me as all baby ultrasounds. I am not very good at picking out features, but then again I think Jed and I look fairly alike. Jed's mom has said that she thinks he looks like Jed though. It will be most interesting to see though.