Thursday, February 18, 2010

They say it's your birthday!


So sad that you have to work on your birthday, but am so happy that you get to have a three day weekend and a day off tomorrow! I am looking forward to our very unquiet dinner with our girls tonight and a rousing round of Happy Birthday, with a side of ice-cream.

Very often I feel guilty when you have to get up early and leave for work while I am still laying in bed with the girls while Ruby is sugesting we play a Disney character guessing game. I realize that you have set aside many of your dreams so that we can have our dreams. You really do sacrifice so much for me and our girls and Eli.

I am so thankful for that telephone call almost six years ago when you asked me if I wanted to go out with you, and during the conversation you told me I had to pick what we did because I was the picky one. (You know how to call'em.) I think I just got done watching the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice and I insisted on calling you Mr. Romig, while we enjoyed conversation over Iceberg milkshakes. My dreams began to come true that day and the fear that I would be alone my whole life subsided.

Because of you I am living my dreams. I sometimes wonder how many of your own dreams you have set aside or cast off so that we could have our dreams. You will always be my Superman, and I will do my best to be your Lois Lane.


"I know that he does really hard work at work and I know that he loves me and Happy Birthday Jedediah."-Ruby

"Happy Birthday"-Emma

We love you!!!!!!


  1. Awww =) Happy Birthday Jed! Have a fun long weekend. Cute picture--I wonder if Eli will look like his Dad?

  2. So sweet. And as cute as he is in that picture all I can see is my old favorite blue and white striped sweatshirt (that had the really long armpit area on the sleeves so when you lifted your arms it looked like you could take flight.) And that HUGE silver chain-necklace-thing. Wowza.

    Hope you all had a great time on Jed's birthday :)