Monday, February 1, 2010

I am getting there

This weekend we had a lot of fun, my nephew Brody had his 1st birthday and we had a ton of fun playing games. I think one of my most favorites was the baby picture game. It was so funny to see, how into it all of the Romig relatives got into it. Jed would hold 3 or 4 in his hand like he was playing cards and then write names down. It was so fun. Lots of laughs. And the cake, oh the cake. The girls had such a good time and loved seeing the cousins. I am sure it was difficult for Sarah to get good pictures due to all of the cousins crowding around Brody to see what he was opening.

I feel like I am doing some early nesting. More or less I know there are things I want done and organized and that I better get it done before Eli makes his appearance. I did laundry, dishes, tore into storage room and threw out all of the excess boxes and items that we didn't need,organized all of the books onto the bookshelf we got from Grandma Ruth, and did some organizing in our closet. After I was done. I was ready to go to sleep and my back was hurting. But it felt good to get a few things done.

We also took a walk to City Hall to pay our utility bill. Jed got Ruby's bike put together from her birthday, and we put Emma on her tricycle and made the attempt. It took a very long time. After we got about 1/2 a mile Emma didn't want to ride her tricycle anymore and Ruby was frustrated. So Jed put Emma on his shoulders and ran the rest of the way, while I carried Emma's tricycle home and encouraged Ruby the rest of the way home. It took Jed quite a while to get back due to Emma falling and bonking her head on the sidewalk and needing to be cradled the rest of the way home. She fell asleep in his arms though. Note to self: City Hall is a lot further away than it seems.

We had someone come to give us an estimate on what it would cost to fence our yard. Due to HOA rules everyone has to have a vinyl fence. I was expecting it to be a decent amount but was blown away by the estimate. If you have seen our backyard I think you would agree that it is smaller by comparison to others. For the fence, labor, cement and gate it came to $3760! That is a ridiculous amount, and we are feeling torn. Knowing that we could put that money to good use paying off the van, student loans, or just saving it for a rainy day. But at the same time I can't even begin to say how much I would love to have a safe place for my kids to just be able to go out and play. I realize that they can play in the front yard but it's not the same as having a backyard. We are still stewing over what to do. We should have been born tomatoes, I am sure it would make this whole process easier. :)

Ruby gave a talk in Primary yesterday. Emma was home sick, so I got to help her give it. Our Primary meets in the chapel because it is so large. So I got to stand at the pulpit and help her. I was burning up up there. My face felt so hot. Enough about me though. Ruby did an excellent job. I was so proud of her. She talked about Jesus Christ is Heavenly Fathers son, and talked about three accounts of when people have either heard or seen Heavenly Father bear witness of Jesus Christ being his son. Then she talked about what she could do to strengthen her testimony and follow Jesus. She colored a picture of a girl being baptized and colored her face green. I loved it. I love these moments when our children get to share what they have learned and gain confidence in themselves. It was so sweet. Just a little shout out to Angie, we had this lesson a couple weeks ago in FHE (Angie made us a complete book of a year worth of FHE lessons geared toward smaller children that corresponds with this year's Primary theme month by month, she is nothing shy of amazing. THANK YOU ANGIE!) and felt like it would go perfectly.

I also finished binding Emma's quilt. So happy to have it done. I finished it last night, while watching bonus features from Cinderella. It is now on her bed and I feel most accomplished. I love the look of it. Special thanks to ERIN who held my hand most of the way on the project of starting and completing the girls quilts. She spent a lot of time teaching me and walking me through the process.

We had some great neighbors move in up the street from us. They have a little girl Ruby's age and they play so well together. The funny thing is that I grew up her dad kind of. He is older than me, so more or less I grew up with his younger sister but we grew up in the same ward. It is such a small world.


  1. Wow, I LOVE Emma's quilt! It's really pretty. I'm impressed! Quilting seems really tough.

    That is a ridiculous price for a fence! Is it possible to make it a do-it-yourself type of project? I know nothing about fencing, but we could come up and try to be useful if that's a possibility. Shaun actually would probably be really useful--his dad's always putting him to work on projects like that.

    Your adventure to the city hall made me laugh (although I'm sure you weren't laughing). It reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents would try to take us on family outings (particularly really long hikes) and things always went haywire.

    Ruby's talk sounds like it was wonderful, and we miss you all. Hopefully we'll see you soon!

  2. Love the quilt it looks fabulous! The fence thing is expensive, we ended up having our builder do ours and it rolled into our loan. Now our yard on the other hand...looks like our tax return will be paying for that!

  3. :) I'm glad the FHE book is being put to good use!

    Love you guys. Sorry I've been such a slacker on keeping up with things. I think maybe I'm caught up now? LOL. Maybe I ought to drag my sorry bum over to my own blog now and play catch up on our lives for everyone. We'll see :)