Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Coming home

I love being home! Adjustment for everyone has gone really well. Eli repeats what he hears so when Jax would cry Eli would scream in his face for the first 2 days. He would go to his room each time it happened and he doesn't do it anymore, He is very sweet with the baby and can be found saying phrases like "What's wrong, honey?" "Come here, baby." "It's ok, Daxon." It really has been quite a miracle to see. The girls have done pretty good as well, a couple times Ruby would say things like "This has been a bad day." Which I would smile at because it would be said right after they got home from the movies with Jed. Emma has taken on what I call the "kicked dog" look a few times, when we have had to talk to her in a grumpy or louder than normal voice because she is doddling and is going to be late for her ride to school or is just ignoring us.

Jaxon loves to be held and so he spends half the night in his crib and once he is fed and being held, he doesn't want to go back and cries after 15 minutes or so of being in the crib, he has struggled to keep the binki in his mouth for the first week and so he and I have spend the other half of the night either on the couch or in the recliner. I am so thankful for comfy furniture because I can sleep too.

Nursing has been a real struggle for us. I thought it was going so well, until I took him to his appt at 5 days and he had lost 13 oz. The ped said he needed to put weight on, and with pumping I was only getting a 1/2 to 1 tsp of milk, so it was there but supply was horrible, and I have been glued to the couch for over a week. It was bringing me down. A friend gave me some excellent advice and said "What ever you do, do it with love, weather it is bottle or breastfeeding do it with love." She is brilliant. I decided yesterday for my mental health I was going to bottle feed and I have felt so much better. I have had so much support from friends and family via visits, phone calls and texts. they are incredible. Jed has also been supportive in whatever I have chosen to do and has been a great support here at home and also emotionally. He gave me a Priesthood blessing a few nights ago and it helped so much.

The girls love to hold Jaxon, it took Eli about a week to want to hold him. All three have been extremely good helpers, doing whatever needed to be done, Ruby even learned how to change Eli's diapers this past week.

You really do forget how small these little ones are, I love how cuddly and warm they are. Jaxon smiles in his sleep a lot and with all of the faces he pulls I see each of my children in him and have even thought he looks like my brother Spencer. He has even tried to suck his fingers like Spencer used to. We are nipping that in the bud, one finger sucker in the family is enough for us. :)

Wishing the weather was warmer so I could go for a walk.

Eli went to Sunbeams for the first time ever and I was SO worried about how he would do. Jed sent me a text and said he was having a hard time. This was before they got everyone in their seats and there was lots of pandemonium. As soon as Eli's teacher came, he left Jed's side and went and sat with his class and did really great, and participated in singing time. In class though his teacher took her eyes off him for a few minutes and he decorated the back of his metal chair with green crayon. Oops. I am so happy that overall he did excellent. He just seems to keep doing better and better.

Jed was sleeping with Jax and I was hoping to get a picture of them sleeping together, but instead it scared Jed awake, hence the deer in the headlights look.


  1. These pictures are adorable! I love the one of Jaxon having a bath! His eyes are soooooo wide open!
    Love seeing you all with him (Emma?)

  2. Being home, then the fun begins! I love that Ruby knows how to changes diapers, that's fabulous. I am glad your crew is doing well and you too. I love the picture of Jed and the baby and your explanation, he he. Jax is really a good looking little fella. You have such a cute little family.

  3. Jaxon totally looks like he belongs to you guys. I just love it!! He is adorable. I'm sorry to hear about the breastfeeding but I am SO glad that you allowed yourself joy in bottle feeding. Healthy babies are what matter most. And now you get to have help with feedings too, that's awesome! I LOVE the picture of Jed and Jaxon. You are awesome for posting it. I usually make Jared pretend he is sleeping and retake it. :) And you look a-mazing!!! Are you back in pre prego jeans!? I'm so happy things are going well and Jaxon is perfect!

  4. I'm so grateful you explained the deer in headlights look on Jed's face in that first pic LOL. I was really curious about that :) ALL of the pictures are so precious. I hate that Jax will be all big and chubby and not-so-newborn by the time I get to see him, but seeing all the pics of him helps. (And it's all about me y'know, so keep those photos coming!) He is a beautiful boy!

    I'm proud of you for doing what you do with love and knowing what the right method of feeding is for both you and Jaxon! It took guts for you to try breastfeeding. And it took guts to acknowledge that there was an option that was better for both of you. And it took even more guts to follow through on that acknowledgement. I'm proud of you! I love you <3

  5. Thanks for sharing all the adorable pictures on you blog. I love reading the things that you share. It keeps us all up to date on how things are going. I too, love Jed's deer in the headlights look. You have such a sweet little family and we love you all very much!

  6. What a cutie, fits right in your fam. :) I hear ya on the finger sucker...ones enough to never want to do that again...