Monday, January 13, 2014

The boy who turned 2 weeks

Life has a little more normalcy now, meaning that I can find time to play games with the girls, Jaxon is awake a little bit more during the day, dinners can be made and things are in the works to get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Meaning I have 20 to go until I get to my pre-preg and then I have 15 more to loose. I am using my fitness pal and logging my food and I started exersizing today. It is a good feeling. I am going to make a paper chain and each lb. I loose will equal a loop on the chain, so I can visually see the work I have done and not get discouraged.

We had a really fun weekend, my friend Kim sent me a "baby tax" gift card to Wendy's. She seriously is so nice. I felt so loved when it arrived. She has been a constant supporter of me and been staying in touch. I am grateful for her. The kids and I took a little excursion to the Wendy's drive through. I made them eat dinner at home and then picked myself up a treat and they got frosties. It is amazing how much just a little trip out of the house does me good. The evening was so fun, and we finished it watching Monsters University and Jaxon slept in until 9, the next morning giving me 3 good hours of sleep. It was wonderful.

Saturday we went shopping, and stocked up on healthy foods and lots of variety and Ruby had a birthday party. Jed and spent the evening watching a few episodes of White Collar and taking turns keeping Jaxon awake. I am grateful for the time here and there to just be together, it means so much and I look forward to the opportunities when they come.

Sunday Jaxon was slept a lot, I got an hour nap in while everyone else was at church. I think it so interesting how as much as I am not a fan of 1 o'clock church I also love it because I have discovered that the kids just entertain themselves and play before church where as if we have lots of time afterward they spend the afternoon asking me what they can do and want to be entertained. It's all about the silver linings.We ended the day playing "who's older" a little invention of Jed's and the kids have to guess who is older out of two different family members. We shook it up a little last night and did historical figures, and also played Authors with the girls. We made the rule that if there was any crying of any kind that player would be "eliminated" and have to go to their room. :) We are working on good sportsmanship around these parts.

Ruby is like a second mother to Jaxon and likes to help with all aspects of his care, and is like a little alarm that informs me what he needs. The other day when I was changing him he peed over the side of the pack and play changing table and onto the floor, and almost blasted me with his baby mustard. It was a close call. :)

Jaxon made it back up to his birth weight, he was down 13 oz and made it up. He has put on a 1/2 an inch, and got his first prescription for an eye infection. He took the PKU like a champion and the office staff loaded me up with formula samples since they knew that it wasn't our original plan. I am in pretty good spirits about BF not working out, but I miss the closeness of it, but know that I did the right thing for us. 

Life just feels glowy, minus being tired. However last night Jaxon woke up just to eat, and I was able to spend a good portion of the night in my bed and from to 2 to 7 we were in the rocker but it was uninterrupted sleep and I just snuggled him and we both slept.It was delightful. I am so grateful to be a mother, I don't think I am horrifically talented at too many of a thing but I really do feel like my talent is to be content being a mother and being home with my babies and just enjoying them. It is such a gift and blessing and I am thankful that I love my job so much. Having such a big gap in between my boys has given me so much appreciation for the miracle of being pregnant and giving birth and having a little one again. It is something that we wanted but had to wait for things and time to be right. You can't put a price on how amazing bodies are and all the things they can do. I love being a mother, I really do feel it is what I have been given time for.

I took a few pictures of the sweet notes that my kids have made me. Ruby made the apple at school for meand the little note while Jaxon was in the hospital. Two Sunday's ago we were talking about testimonies and how we can know the Church is true and while that was going on Emma went and got a peice of paper and started writing what she knows. I love her and how cute her phonetic spelling is. both of my girls love to write and they are constantly giving me gifts like this.


  1. Goodness your kids are so cute! How special to get notes like that all the time. That is one of the reasons I am so happy I got at least one girl. :) I am so impressed that you're already feeling up to exercising. You are amazing! Good luck! I like the chain link idea, I have been so down about my weight. I think that is awesome you feel your talent is being a mother. I always thought it was growing up and was so disappointed to find out it isn't. I still try my best and it works out. :) Enjoy that tiny little Jaxon, I can't believe how fast they grow.

  2. Oh my goodness, how tender are your kids? What beautiful moments to see your kids excel. I do love your emotional disqualification rule. That's hillarious and we will be using it. Jax is looking like a champ. Those pictures of him and Eli together are so cute. It truly is a great blessing to be a mom and create little precious babies. I am glad you are enjoying this time. I did giggle at the joy of a 3 hour stretch. It's ridiculous how sleep deprieved that first month is. It only gets better though! Happy 2 weeks!

  3. Thank you so much for keeping this blog Ashley! I am able to check in on your family, see Jaxon grow and change and keep tabs on the other kids too. Sure helps me feel closer to you ....even if I'm on the other side of the world! Love you!