Monday, January 20, 2014


-While Emma was cleaning the living room she was singing Trouble by Taylor Swift, and Eli would mimmick her and say "Trouble, Trouble" in a high pitched voice. Emma also spent the weekend in a swirl of emotions, because she felt like she was being teased by all of us but really we just would laugh because she was being so cute. She would either be crying, shouting about the fact that we were hurting her feelings or pleading her case Sunday morning that she was sensitive.

- I exercised  6 days last week and, and I lost a little over a lb. which is good, because there has been times where I have lost weight quickly and had to be really strict but it never stays off, this way I have been able to calculate my evening treat into my calorie allotment and it feels much more doable and more like a long run plan. my girls even worked out with me this morning and kept saying "Bob is funny" and "When do we get our water break?"

-Ruby had her baptism interview this weekend and is all ready to go. She keeps saying "X amount of days until I am baptized!" And how she wishes far away family could be here. She made all of the assignments of who was doing what and selected her brunch menu. Her sweet primary teacher is making her baptism dress. This woman is quite amazing, she is the most spry and active woman that I have ever met and she is 75. She has so much love for Ruby and has been so good in helping Ruby grow in the gospel in the past year. Ruby had her measurement taken last week and it was a very exciting thing for her.

-We are working on the Articles of Faith so that Ruby can pass all of them off and recieve her ice cream trip with her teacher. She knows #1-5 and we set a goal to learn one a week so that she can have them memorized.

- Sunday night we got everyone into bed and were sitting on the couch together. We heard Eli scraping things on his walls, which isn't uncommon, but Jed felt like we should go check on him. He opened his door and there was absolute silence for about a minute then he calls down the hall "Ash, can you put Jax down for a minute and come here?" I come down the hall and Jed has Eli by the wrists, and his hands are covered in poop, and Eli "painted" it all over his wall. I got Eli showered he was very upset by that. Jed started cleaning Eli's room and then I made Eli lay on our bed until we were done cleaning and then bleaching his wall. When we got Eli into bed, I commended Jed for how calm he was was and how well he handled it. He told me that they took and anger test at work a few weeks ago and he scored very low. He said "Ten years ago things on that test would have made me really mad, but I think having Eli for our son has really taught me that things are things and that people are more important than stuff." I like him. Glad that experience is over and hope there isn't a repeat, I am also really grateful Jed was here to help, I may have gone postal.

-Jaxon is starting to fill out and is starting to lose that newborn look. He is such a sweet boy, his hasn't lost his hair, which all of my other babies had by this point. So no George Castanza quite yet. :) He is so strong, he rolled from his tummy to his back today, maybe it was a fluke but it was fun to see, he likes to lift his back end off the floor like a half superman and is starting to pick his head up for a few seconds.
-I forgot to post these cute photos from Christmas


  1. The pictures of the kids in front of the tree are adorable!!! They seem like the best kids and so much fun. I love what Jed said. I truly believe hard experiences in life can make us better people if we let it. Ruby is so cute! I bet it is so fun to have a daughter getting baptized. Her teacher sounds amazing!

  2. Glorious moments. I love that Ruby is getting baptized. Time is just flying by. How exciting. And poop art, eh? How thrilling! Oh my goodness, that is just so not fun. Your Christmas kids are cute and baby Jax is precious. He looks so tiny with that big ole binky. Glad you are finding success in your weight loss. It's such a difficult and tricky thing. Thanks for the update. :)

  3. I just found your blog from Greg and Alexis blog :) I loved reading about your sweet family! I give you props for writing on your blog and having 4 kids! I struggle with it and I only have one! You are so amazing and I love that I can keep up with you and your family through this blog! Love you all!!