Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Come what may

Our morning started early... but especially early for me. I couldn't sleep, Eli was moving all over the place all night long. I don't think a half hour passed that he wasn't in motion. Then with my arms going numb and the anticipation it made for a restless night.

Gratefully 5:30 came and I was able to get ready to go to the hospital and get our girls out to the car. We dropped them off and were to the Woman's Center at 7:30. We got checked in dressed in my hospital gown, IV administered and answered all of the routine questions about my health and the pregnancy.

Dr. Later came in to check for dilation and to break my water, when he gave the crochet looking tool that does the job back to the nurse, and was a bit more thorough with the exam. He didn't think that Eli was head down so they got the ultrasound machine and sure enough Eli bottom down and head close up to my ribs. We discussed my options.

a)Wait it out, and see if he would turn on his own since he did so in the past.
b)Try to do an External Version and see if we could get him to flip that morning

We went with the option to have the EV done. I was anxious because of what I had read and heard about the procedure. I was even shaking a little bit. My nurse was fantastic and answered all of my questions and was very helpful. Dr. L came in and I was given the shot to relax the necessary organ. Jed held my hand through it all and I closed my eyes and focused on taking small breaths up in the top of my lungs. It was uncomfortable yes but not at all as awful as I had anticipated. They attempted to flip him one way, and had him half way but Eli was digging his heels in and wouldn't kick his feet to finish the flip. They tried the other way with the same results.

Dr. L said in all his years of practice he has never had a baby turn late on his own and then turn again. There is a first for everything I suppose. We stayed for one more hour to monitor Eli's heart rate and make sure that he wasn't in distress. During this time Jed and I made a few phone calls to parents.

The game plan now is to go in each morning to see if he has flipped himself into the head down position, and if so they will immediately do an induction. If it doesn't happen tomorrow he said he would try to do another EV (I missed this bit of info. Jed just informed me.) on Thursday or Friday. After that I am not sure what will happen. We will have more information tomorrow and have answers to our questions. I talked with Sarah this morning and she offered to take care of my girls Wed and Thurs no matter the outcome. I am grateful for her thoughtfulness and willingness to help us out.

Amazingly I am at peace with the results of today. Am I sad that we had to leave the hospital with no baby? Yes. But I am positive that it isn't the end of the world and whatever happens everything will be ok, and our son will be healthy and well. Jed and my dad gave me a blessing this morning and I was promised that I would feel peace, and that is exactly how I am feeling. More to come in our little adventure with our wiggle worm Eli.

On a lighter note I am proud to admit that I turned the nurse down when she offered us cookies. I have a serious love for Lorna Doones and usually I clean house of the snack room when we are there. I will save my cookie fest for another day.


  1. Yeah, Eli sounds like a stubborn kid =) We can't wait to meet him! I'm so glad you're feeling peace. Keep us posted and if you need help with anything please let us know. Kudos on avoiding the cookies! That takes major willpower. Love you!

  2. *sigh*

    Maybe Eli and Molly will share a birthday after all :)

    Love you!

  3. If we are in the hospital at the same time you best make sure to save me some Lorna Doones. I think that Eli wants to be born closer to when Josie is born so that we can stroll through the halls together pushing the baby cribs, eating Lorna Doones and keeping each other from going crazy bored in the hospital. I think he wants to come on Monday, wouldn't that be fun! Mom would be pulling her hair out! LOL!

  4. It sounds like he's coming out under his own terms. :) Hang in there!

  5. oh ash, let's be honest I have a little tear in my eye for you. How frustrating. I am glad you are at peace with it. These babies are silly and the process of birth is not easy. Sorry my dear, thinknig and praying for you. :) Now Flip baby flip!

  6. Looks like you've got a stubborn one on your hands. Good luck, we are thinking of you!

  7. How exhausting. I am glad the little guy is so worth the wait. He really is a special kid. He has such an amazing spirit about him.