Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Neurologist appointment

At Eli's follow up appt. with Dr. Ramsey on the 17th, we talked about his hands and how they aren't ever in fists, and sometimes they rhythmically jerk. Dr. R was able to get us an appointment up at PMC with a neurologist for the following Monday. When I called up their they couldn't get me in until June 24th, I am grateful that Dr. R helped us get a closer appointment.

At his appointment, they did observed him and I talked about what kind of things I was seeing at home, his delivery and his stay at the hospital. They think what has happened is that his brachial plexus nerves were stretched during his delivery because he was so big.

They are going to run an EMG on May 11th, which entails putting a needle in two different nerves on arm and then sending an electric pulse through it and timing his reaction. We are also doing some work with him here at home, moving his fingers and bending them and stretching them out. I am happy to say that we have seen improvement, he will now grip our fingers sometimes and he moves his fingers more often.

We saw Dr. R in the afternoon for his 2 week check up after his visit with the Neurologist. He told me that he has never seen this kind of thing be permanent, because babies grow so quickly that their bodies can regenerate and self heal the nerves. I found that very comforting because on the way home from PMC I was crying as I was talking to Jed about what I found out. I was feeling like if I would have had him by c-section he wouldn't have this challenge. Jed, Dr. Ramsey and Suzanne reassured me through out the day that it wasn't my fault and I could spend forever saying "If only."

At his 2 week appt. here are his stats:

Height: 21 1/8 in.

Weight: 10 lb. 1 0z

Head: 37.7 cm.

He got to have his first bath last Saturday the 24th. He loved it. I loved it too, and Ruby and Emma were my bath assistants. They kept using the wash cloth and sponge to keep his tummy warm by squeezing the water on him.

He is such a good little guy and I find myself thinking that adjusting to 3 children a lot easier than 2. I think it is because the girls have each other to play with and they keep each other busy, and Eli is so content and relaxed.

We had fun Saturday working in the yard and cleaning out our flower beds and going to the park. It was so nice to be home on Saturday together.


  1. bummer business lady! A friend in mine in TX had the same issue with her baby as well and I am sure I would have had I had Clay vaginally. The only thing is that you don't know how big they are until they are out. I wouldn't blame yourself. It's just a trial of life. He's healty, here and beautiful. I am sure he's so happy no matter what is going on. It's good you are so watchful and caught it early. Remember your hormones are crazy after you have a baby so don't be hard on yourself. Love ya lady. :)

  2. I'm biased, but boys are the best! I'm glad he is so content and lovable! Have you considered taking Eli to a pediatric chiropractor? Cannon sees one regularly and they can do wonders with the nervous system! Cannon just recently starting seeing his, but she told me that all newborns need to be adjusted because there are a lot of things that get out of sorts from the birth process. My sister in law took her 3 day old and she was able to get some kinks worked out (pain free).

  3. Adjusting to 3 is easier than 2? You truly are superwoman! He is so beautiful! You really shouldn't be blaming yourself for anything at all, plus, you caught on to the clenching hands issue so fast, I think you get lots of kudos for being really observant. It sounds like he's getting over it, which is so good. You guys are in our prayers, and we love you all lots! Thanks for the pictures--he's a really precious little guy!

  4. Eli is gorgeous Ash! He looks so bright eyed and totally looks like he loved that bath :) Adorable.

    Gotta love Dr. R! I'm so glad he's taking care of you guys and getting Eli seen quickly. Be kind to yourself and trust that everything will be a-okay. No "what ifs" allowed. Love you guys!

  5. I'm glad to hear he is showing signs of doing better just with the work you are doing at home. Looks like you have all adjusted nicely to having this little addition in your home. I'm glad it's going so well.