Friday, April 23, 2010

Replacement pair

We had a little mishap recently in our home. I was feeding Eli, Emma was in bed, Ruby was in her pajamas when she appeared in the living room with out her glasses. I told her to go get them and she just stood there. Then I asked Jed to get me a burp cloth.

A few seconds later I hear Jed pipe up "Oh crap!" I asked what was wrong and her came out with a pair of mangled glasses. Dear little Ruby left them on the floor. We have talked with her time and again about putting them in the case or on her face. We have had other moments where Emma has gotten her hands on them and bent the arms. So this was the final resting point for her glasses. I felt sad when she putting her face in her hands and saying "Ohhhh, now I can't see."

I was thinking we would have to order a completely new set but upon calling Target, we found out that if the lenses were ok then we could just replace the frames for half the cost. I liked that. She was without glasses for a day and a half until we could take her to get them replaced and sized.

It was mildly irritating, but if her glasses wouldn't have been broken we never would have snapped this little beauty.


  1. kids! kids! kids! I am glad our problems are just taking off diapers and getting into the trash...