Monday, August 16, 2010

4 months

Eli had his appointment on Friday for his WCC. His stats are as follows:

Height: 25 3/4 in. 80th percentile
Weight: 16 lb 15 oz 85 percentile
Head: Can't remember but 50th percentile

He has been rolling over for a little over a week, and loves to laugh when tickled. He is still as content as ever and brings us so much happiness. We are so blessed he is ours. And I always have to laugh when the girls say "Can I hold The Bub?"

Had a good visit with Dr. R, as Eli has been having more episodes (not really sure what else to call them) I have noticed other things he has been doing which leads me to belive it isn't reflux related.
-His eyes twitch and water
-Thick spit comes out of his mouth
-I showed him what kind of movements his limbs make
-We haven't seen any pattern, even when we keep him upright all day, it doesn't matter his position they still occur.
-His eyes roll up a little

Dr. R agreed that it does sound like seizures, which can be caused by multiple things. He was able to get us an appointment with the Neurologist for this afternoon. He also recommended recording an episode as it can help with diagnosing him or being able to see exactly what he is doing. Gratefully we were able to record it on Friday while Jed's mom held him. It was so hard to just stand there and do nothing but I know it will help them get a better idea. It also made me realized that they are lasting longer than I thought.

He hasn't had an episode since Friday, I am happy about that but in the back of my mind I remember that he went 4 days with nothing and after that they started up again but with the convulsing.

Jed and I had the opportunity to attend the Temple on Saturday. It was so needed. The peace was so sweet and I felt assurance about the unsure things happening in our lives right now. I will try to update tonight and I will have a happy post up shortly. Even when it feels like so many things are going wrong, life has a way of bringing reminders of how sweet life truly is and that it is the small things that truly bring us joy.


  1. We are praying for you guys and think of you so often! I feel so sad for you and Eli and your whole family, having to go through this and other turbulence right now. We love you! Please let us know if there is anything we can be doing for you.

  2. I had no idea this was happening. How scary! I can't even imagine. You are so strong, and such a great mom.