Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let's talk reflux

The day that we scheduled Eli's EEG, I got a call from Dr. R with the recommendation that we put him on an acid reflux med to see if it would help reduced the amount of episodes he was having. I questioned him about it because Eli had been on Prevacid before and he was still having episodes and then once he was off the med they gradually went away. He said it was at least worth a try and that if it was working we would see a difference in 1 to 2 days. So we had the med called in, and gratefully it was only 1o dollars as compared to his 174 dollar Prevacid.

The first day that he took it was Wednesday morning and he still had episodes but they were fewer and further between. Since that day he hasn't had one! It is so confusing to me, because most babies I know with reflux are really fussy and don't want to eat much if they don't have meds to help the acid. Eli is so content, so my thoughts are Prevacid just didn't sit well with him, and if it is indeed reflux that is was causing him not to move and hardly breath and make a weird swallowing sound, that must be how he coped with it when the acid would burn him, like he was trying to swallow it back down.

He seems better to me and it has been so nice not having him turn a dusky color due to lack of oxygen, or being exhausted after the fact. These are just my observations since we don't have any actual results back, but I forgot to post about his meds. It has been an interesting turn of events and I would be more than happy to have this be the problem than the seizures that we were previously thinking it was.


  1. Babies all react so differently to reflux. Molly was my "silent" refluxer - no spitting at all but was in excruciating pain (manifested in screaming ALL. THE. TIME. and no/slow weight gain.) Toby was a projectile vomiter, but on his meds he was generally very content. Can I say once again how jealous I am that you guys have such a brilliant ped as Dr. R! We LOVED him and he's obviously doing great work with you and your kids. (Did you see my blog update with the bizarro ped appt we had recently? Ugh.)

    I'm SO glad to know that Eli hasn't had any recent episodes! What a blessing. Praying that this is (was!) the problem and that it's being resolved so easily :)

  2. Wow, I just read your posts about all you guys have been dealing with. I'm so sorry - I know how stressful it is when one of your kids has a problem. We went through that when Carter had his heart fixed when he was one. And he had a thing twice where he totally started shaking while he was nursing, so he almost had to do an EEG but it never happened again so he didn't have to do it. It's scary and so hard to see your baby having trouble. But I'll be thinking of you and I wish you the best of luck!! p.s. There's a mom's group here at the townhomes at the end of the month - pools and sprinklers. You should come up! Ami knows all the details.