Monday, August 16, 2010


We went to Eli's Neurology appointment today and had a good chat with the Dr. I think we will be switching over to her from her previous Dr. I like her better. We discussed all that has been happening with the boy and showed them the video and they came to the conclusion that he is having seizures.

We are now on the course to figure out what is causing them and getting treatment. We will be starting him on medication this week, and then we will have them do another MRI to make sure his brain developed properly. (Our insurance is going to love us.) We had multiple blood draws today, it made him sad. They ended up putting the needle in his hand since his veins kept rolling in his chubby arms. We will also have to take him to an ophthalmologist to get his eyes dilated to see if they can find any cause there. I am going to try to squeeze him in with Ruby on the 30th for her appointment. It was quite a long day at the hospital we were there for 4 hours.

I am feeling relieved that we are on the right path to getting things under control. So grateful for excellent medical professionals that are so attentive to his needs and our family. Kami was a saint and had our girls for over 5 hours today. She took such good care of them and even fed them dinner even though she wasn't planing on it. She is truly salt of the earth. Our family is so amazing, I can't say enough good about them.

We were able to cancel Eli's Gastro appointment, as that isn't the problem of causing his seizures and I had Jed call to cancel and they were going to charge us a fee for canceling without giving them 24 hour notice. Jed was firm with them and talked them out of charging us, I knew Jed was the man for the job. I would have been a push over.

Things are coming together. We have experienced so much kindness, I am overwhelmed by the love that has been expressed on our behalf.


  1. Wow! Ashley, all this within two weeks. I bet you are way overwhelmed! Lanette had a seizure caused by a high fever and I understand the fear of watching someone tremble and shake uncontrollably. I'll keep you and Eli in my prayers, too.

  2. I'm so glad they're working toward figuring all of this out! You are such a brave, wonderful woman.

  3. oh ash, I've been thinking about you today. I am sorry you have had to go through all this, but I am glad that you are getting closer to finding out what's going on. Be strong little buttercup...chin up lady. We love you.

  4. I'm glad you're finding doctors who want to figure out what is going on. We will keep thinking of you.