Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Results and the unexpected

Yesterday evening we took the kiddos on a walk and when we got home we were playing on the floor with Eli and all of a sudden he started having an episode but he was shaking and his limbs were jerking. Jed immediately took him from me and gave him a blessing, and instantaneously the convulsions stopped. It was so scary. I was bawling.

It has been so strange, after starting the meds he didn't have any problem for 4 days and then on Monday he had two and then they have been increasing more so yesterday and today, but when he started convulsing it put me over the top. I called his Ped this morning to see if they had the results from the EEG, they didn't so they said they would call me back.

The EEG came back normal so he doesn't have epilepsy. That is such great news! Dr. R thinks that it is connected to reflux. If you don't get enough oxygen your body can shake. He is trying to get us a more advanced appointment with a gastrointerologist as it usually is about a 2 month out wait. He recommended after eating keeping him upright for an hour so it has a chance to digest. I am so relived that it isn't seizures.

Yesterday was quite a day. Our house hasn't gotten the loving care it needs since we were so busy working on getting everything together for my mom's party so we spent most of the morning putting things back in order and then Ruby spent the afternoon playing with friends. I was down stairs when I heard someone come in the door, I called for Ruby and instead the response was "No, it's me." I hurried upstairs to see why Jed was home so early. Turns out that his companies owners have decided to turn the company over to a property management company. Jed's original boss passed away about a year ago and that has complicated things, but this is the last thing we expected.

I have felt numb at times but I feel like there is a new opportunity on the horizon and I know that something will work out. I am feeling very much at peace, and am so thankful for the wonderful support system we have. Life throws curve balls, but this is one I feel will work out to be a blessing.


  1. Oh man. I guess first of all YAY that Eli doesn't have epilepsy. If it's just the reflux causing this Dr. R is going to take care of you and get you to see the specialist and get this controlled. What a sweet SWEET experience with the Priesthood.

    I'm so sorry about Jed's job :( As you know we've gone through sudden unemployment about a handful of times. It's HARD and SCARY but you can look at this as an opportunity to find something even better that maybe Jed wouldn't have even been looking while employed. I hope Jed was offered some severance or something and that he's able to secure something WONDERFUL right away!!

    I'm so glad you blogged about this. I had heard about Eli's episode from Teresa but I appreciate being able to "hear" it from you guys, too!

  2. Hang in there guys. It's through the hard times that you really feel the blessings and the love of the Lord. I am sure everything will work out great for you.

  3. Wow, totally mixed emotions here--so glad to hear the news about Eli, and what shocking news about Jed's job! I can't say I really understand, but I know when my dad lost his job a few years ago it was definitely scary for all of us. You guys are in our prayers and thoughts, and we will keep our eyes and ears open for any possible positions for him! We love you!

  4. I know I have been over there chatting with you a bit...but it is still shocking to really sit down and think about what you are going through. Like I said have a lot of faith and that will pay off in the end...on Heavenly Father's terms. Sorry I haven't made it back over there yet, Brody is STILL asleep. I definitely DON'T mind though!

  5. What kind of job is your husband looking for?