Tuesday, December 17, 2013

37 weeks

I was up at 2 a.m. this morning and Sir Jaxon was all sorts of busy. Being the good wife that I am, I woke Jed up because I was tired of being awake by myself, and talked to him for a bit and then let him go back to sleep. I too eventually went to sleep at 4.

My dr. appt went splendidly, I didn't gain any weight this time, I was sure I would after  my toast and blackberry jam marathon, santa clause sugar cookie and fudge the scale would be pointing it's numbers of judgement at me. Not gaining anything was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. :)

I am measuring ahead still but I forgot to ask how much because I had other questions I wanted to ask. I just have to say how much I enjoy nurse Kerrie very much. It is like visiting with a friend before I see the Dr. I am going to miss her when my reg visits come to a close.  I asked her how essential it was for me to drink the 16 oz before my ultrasound on Thursday and assured her that I was worried I would pee my pants at this point if I had to hold it that long, she said that the ultrasound tech would send me out to drink more water and wait if my bladder wasn't properly filled, so it was just better to do what was asked of me. She helped me work out a little plan, to just skip my 7:30 drink a thon. I drink probably 3/4 of a gallon everyday. I do love me my water. My blood pressure is excellent and Jaxon's heart rate is good.

I had an internal check and I am still dilated to 1 cm and effaced 60 % quite standard for me to stick around those numbers. I asked the Dr. if Jax was head down last week because I forgot to ask and he said yes, but he did a double check from the inside and also from the outside, as he did so I burst out laughing. I covered my face to get control of myself and apologized. He said it was fine, and I am sure he has seen all sorts of outburst in his office.But I was quite mortified, gratefully the good man is in his 60's and went to medical school with my uncle, but still quite awkward when something you just can't seem to help happens.

I have my ultrasound on Thursday and I am quite excited. I have never seen a baby via ultrasound at this stage so it will be fun other than having a painfully full bladder. Can you tell that I am not looking forward to that part? Jed isn't able to come as he has work and is taking a certification test on his lunch break, so I invited my mom to come with me. It will be fun having her along. I love getting to see her for a little bit after my appts before I go home. She always treats me to lunch, I shant complain. :)

On the way out of the office I said sweet adieu to the gals at the at the front desk and let them know that I was all scheduled up to the end and she smiled at me and said "Just so you know you look fantastic." It made my day. I like nice words from nice people.


  1. You most certainly do look fantastic! The end of pregnancy looks good on you! Your sono people are mean. I asked if I had to drink water and they said absolutely not and to be as comfortable as possible. I always peed in the office right before it started. I will be thinking of you and your poor bladder on thursday! I can't wait to see this little Jax Man!

  2. I love that I got to see you in your pg loveliness :) And I even got to rub that baby belly before it disappears!!! Love you!

  3. Love your giggling at the doctor....still not the worst that could happen though;)

  4. You do look beautiful!! I never hold my pee before ultrasounds. Just in case you needed encouragement to not hold your pee. :) I had a few ultrasounds to make sure Brynn was head down and it was so hard to see anything. The coolest thing I saw was the umbilical cord and the three "chambers", I can't think of what it's really called, it was awesome. I am so excited for you! My sister just had her baby yesterday, now it's your turn. ;)