Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ultrasound results and stuff

I drank my water and by 9:30 I had to pee. They insisted that it takes 1 hour for the water to hit your bladder. Hogwash! I was walking hunched into the hospital and taking bird steps because it hurt so bad. Not to mention I was trying very hard not to slip the lovely slush storm that hit this morning.

I got to the front desk and informed them that I was all ready to go, and about to wet my pants. They asked if my bladder was full. Little jokesters. I told them that I would just stand in the corner because sitting put pressure in places I didn't need it. I am sure they love my candor. Not a minute later the ultrasound tech came out and called for me. Then she said "Your last name is Christensen right?"  I said nope and she checked her charts and said "Oh, there is two Ashleys in a row. Your not here for your 20 week?" Nope, I replied here for my 38 week weight check. She did a quick look around and whispered, "We will take you back first, 20 week checks take a lot longer and I have her out there drinking her water." I rejoiced!

Jax is weighing in at 7.1 lbs, and is currently swimming in 16 cm of amniotic fluid which is excellent. His swimming pool is nice and full. :) It was fun as she was measuring his head we could see his hair floating in the water. It was pretty cool!

The appt was quite quick and I was going to head back to my moms house, As i was coming down the hill I was going slow and braking but I slid into the back of a stopped truck. I was horrified. Gratefully I am ok and I didn't bump my belly or anything else. Jax was moving around well afterwards so I knew he was ok. I punched the hitch through my bumper and pushed the bed of the guys truck forward. he was very nice, as it so happens he was just up at the hospital having their baby checked for weight as well. It was comfortable having something to talk about, and he kept telling me not to worry and that it was just cars, and life happens, we are both ok and that is all that matters. It could have been so much worse and I am so thankful we are both fine.

It took over an hour and half to wait for the police and get things sorted out. I am so lucky I didn't get a ticket. My SIL picked Emma and Eli up at my house and got Eli off the bus and I was able to meet her right as she was getting them out of the car. She seriously saved my bacon.

Dr. will call tomorrow and we will get my induction set up. :) Looking forward to it. :)


  1. That is so awesome she let you go first!! And I love that you saw his hair. I'm also glad you're safe and you didn't get a ticket. Yay for scheduling the induction!! You're getting closer and closer!

  2. Accidents just stink, perfect way to ruin a good day. I am glad you are okay. How exciting your baby has hair!! I can't wait to see this cute baby.