Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waiting, prep, and fun.

It would have been quite comical to see me on Friday, I was like a teenager waiting for the phone to ring...and waiting...and waiting...The day went so slow! My Dr. said he would call me to get things set up with the hospital for delivery. He never called. I am sure when I talk to him on Tuesday he will get an ear full I have already prepared my speech.

"You don't write, you don't call..." that is about as far as I gotten, chances are actually pretty good I won't say anything. I was kind of figuring since the baby was measuring on the smaller side(for me) that I kind of moved down the list of priority and there wasn't any rush to set anything up. I will be going in for my 38 week appt on Christmas Eve so I have been telling myself that  things will get set up then. I haven't ever gone into labor on my own, I would like to experience that but I know what my body does and I could well go two weeks over my due date.

Dallen came home from Japan on Friday night! It was so wonderful to see him, he was pretty tired because he had been traveling for over 26 hours. It was so fun to laugh with him again about things that only we think are funny and only references we get. He also gives excellent hugs and has to bend way over to give me one since he is a foot taller than I.

I have been getting eager to put away my maternity clothes and I had a dear friend a few months ago who cleaned out her closet and gave me some really cute items that will work beautifully for post pregnancy and nursing. So I got into my closet and got everything organized and put a few things away that I don't wear anymore and got to bring out new things for afterwards, it was an exciting feeling.

I was released from my calling as 1st councilor in the Young Woman's presidency in my ward. It was bitter sweet. I knew it needed to happen because of all of the things going on in our family. There are so many things that we are juggling that something needed to drop, and this is the one thing that I could let go without the world falling apart or something else important being neglected. I also felt that the calling required more than I could give at the moment and that didn't seem fair to the girls or to the presidency I was serving with. It is hard to let go, but I feel extreme peace about it and that it was right.

We got Jax's carseat out of the closet, I was thinking it would need to be assembled having never experienced a new carseat, instead it just needed to be pulled out of the box and Eli was thrilled to test it out. It is amazing how these little ones grow. He will be 4 in just a couple of months and it is incomprehensible to me that he once fit in a carseat that size and  had to pass the carseat test before he could go home because of his 02 levels being very inconsistent in the hospital. Where does the time go? It is also interesting to me that basically the spacing between Eli and Jax will be basically the same amount of time as Ruby and Eli so I had 3 children in that time period. It is interesting to think about.

It is really ironic that all the things I worried about in the beginning have kind of worked themselves out. Every time I worry or wonder about something, I just remember the sacred experience I had in the Temple as I was praying about the decision to have another child. Time and time again, Heavenly Father has kept his promise and I get hit with the realization that He really does know what is best for us and that He will help us all along the way. The girls have become such good helpers, especially with Eli, they read to him, help him in the tub, clean up when he spills something, the list is endless. Eli has also grown leaps and bounds and is coming along, he is such a sweet boy and his speech is just exploding. It has been very exciting to see. We will have a transition of course, but it will go so much better than I thought.

Jed built a fort with the girls yesterday while I went and did our big Christmas and post baby stock up so that meal time is simple. It was fun going by myself, kind of like a last hoorah. I cringed when I got to the register though. I have never spent that much at Costco, but I know that my family will be eating well and taken care of and I can just focus on the essentials for a few weeks.

Eli loves "nets" anything with a pattern that criss crosses or anything like that he loves. Last week he came in to our room after waking up dragging his "bednet" (blanket) and gave it a hug and said "I love bednet' and kissed it. He is so sweet, I was preparing to get our ham into the crock pot and was looking at the instructions and I gave the netted bag to Eli and he put it on his head. We were calling him lunch lady.

I am so grateful for my little people, they are each so special and loving. Glad they are mine. Emma made my bed this morning and Ruby has been cuddling Eli. 


  1. You are so awesome. I still haven't put away my maternity clothes yet. I keep saying after Christmas. :) And how awesome to get tons of postpartum clothes!! I would love that. All my clothes are really tight and unflattering. Maybe one day I will be given $500 and told to go shopping with it.

    I was released from YW a couple months before having Brynn. I felt the same way. I loved my calling and the girls, but I knew I couldn't emotionally and physically give 100%. It was such a blessing to be released. The new counselor is awesome and will help them much better than I could. I know exactly what peaceful feeling you are getting. :)

    These last few weeks for you are just dragging for me... I can only imagine what it's like for you! I can't wait for you to meet him.

  2. It is hard to let go of calling and transition, but Jax will all be worth it. You have to do what you can to be the best you. Eli is a big kid! I love that he's a net child. Do you call him your little fish??