Tuesday, December 24, 2013

38 weeks

Got greeted by my children this morning with a "Merry Christmas Eve!!" Ruby made waffles for everyone while I got showered for my appt. Eli was very excited about a car ride and we headed on our way. I stopped by my parents to drop the kids off and visited with my Mom and Dallen for a few minutes. And then headed on my way to the hospital, the parking lot was quite empty.

I put on an 1 1/2 lbs. totaling 41. I peed on a stick, had my blood pressure taken which was right on the boarder today, am measuring at 43 weeks. Jax's heart rate was 145 and I had fun visiting with Melanie.

The Doc came in and we talked about the results of the ultrasound, he said he was very surprised by the results but said chances are still good by the time baby gets here he could be 8 lbs, then said "7,8,9 lbs is no problem for you. So do you want to have your baby next week?" I asked if Friday was an option, and he said he could do Saturday as I will be 39 weeks on Saturday and the hospital and he won't induce before 39 weeks. He will be on call for the weekend so he told me he needed to go out and make a call. He called L&D and gave them all of my information and got us all scheduled for Saturday. The only way it won't happen then is if there is a slew of pregnant ladies who come in, then my priority would drop and we would have to wait until Monday. I am crossing my fingers that other ladies babies will want to hang out for a while longer so we can go in on Saturday. :)

When I came back to get my girls, Ruby came over and patted me on the tummy and said "So, how did the appointment go?" And then she ran and told Emma the news who when she is excited screams. It was funny.

It seriously feels so long since we had a new bay bay. The first 7 months always go so slow for me and the last 2 months has gone so quickly particularly the last 4 weeks. We are all very excited to welcome Jaxon into our home and start our new adventure.


  1. Saturday?? Ah! So exciting!!! Those other babies better stay in so Jaxon can come! :)

  2. You are hours away ashie pants! I'll be saying extra prayers for you. How thrilling. I love that Ruby cooks! She is a true gem.