Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas has come to mean more.

I have been thinking about the events of last year as, many of my cute Young Women have said to me "Wouldn't it be fun to have your baby on Christmas?!?!" I am quick to tell them no, it wouldn't be fun.

Last year Christmas eve started out bright and beautiful and fun. I posted this little tid bit on facebook
"Started our morning out right, participated in the mad dash to get the garbage out as the garbage truck was passing our house, when I got out there with intentions to wheel it across the street I found that a good samaritan moved it to the curb for me. Emma and i had the best dance party this side of Miami in our very own kitchen whilst noshing toast, and eli got into the festivities by swiveling ...his hips while reading the ensign and swigging crystal light. Ruby and Sir Romig are still taking a long winters nap. It's going to be a beautiful day, Heart full of gratitude for the next two days making memories with the people I love most. In other good news, stopped said Sir Romig from imbibing the whole bottle of gifted sparkling cider so the girls could have some since I always finish off all the goodie plates before anyone else can partake. He seriously could have finished it off in 5 seconds. He is a modern marvel and we are glad he is ours. Happy Christmas!!!"
By the afternoon Eli was not feeling very well, and was wanting to cuddle, which at that point was a sign that something wasn't right. We took the rest of the afternoon with a slower enthusiasm than normal but continued with our usual traditions and plans. Pizza for dinner, family movie and Christmas story and opening of Christmas Eve jammies. All the kids were in bed and I got into the tub. Jed came and got me and said he heard Eli throw up and he started having a seizure. His seizure have never lasted more than 5 minutes and this one wouldn't stop. As I got into my robe, Jed gave him a Priesthood blessing and we called 911. And they took him to the hospital. He seized for an hour and 40 minutes before they could stop it.  

Jed went with him, and I stayed until my parents could come be with the girls. My neighbor came and Sarah also came. She heard sirens and thought of us and immediately came. I left for the hospital and my parents came and stayed with the girls and then ended up taking the girls to their home for Christmas.

I still remember how frightening it was to come to the hospital and seeing our sweet Eli hooked up to all these monitors and oxygen. I can never take pictures, because it just hurts my heart to much to remember in that way, and it is all still so vivid in my mind. The pain, worry and fear of the situation was so real. There was a sweet hospital policeman that came in and brought Eli a little match box car, and we had many ward and family members checking on us even late into the night. Peoples goodness never fails to amaze me. He was transferred via ambulance to Primary Childrens because they couldn't treat him at the hospital he was at. 

They flooded him with seizure meds and he was pretty exhausted and sleepy. (He could barely walk the next couple days) We got Eli settled into his little crib and Jed and I were able to go to sleep at 5 a.m. 

Jed's parents came to see us Christmas day and my parents made Christmas special for my girls. It came down to that Eli had a seizure because he was sick and his body wasn't absorbing his medication properly. We were able to come home that afternoon. One of the residents was questioning the Dr. about his decision to let us go home, the Dr. assured her that he believed we knew how to take care of him and would do it well.  but And I felt so good to be home together as a family. I missed being with all my little ones on Christmas.
That was a gloss over of all the events but, having experienced that Christmas has come to mean more to me. Heavenly Father sent his Only Begotten Son, to desend below all things so that He could understand our pains, sins, weaknesses, and trials and help us along with compassion. At the darkest moments of our lives He knows how we feel and how to help us. He came simply because He loves us and wants us to return home to our Father. 
That night, I felt of my Saviors love and comfort.  I truly felt that He came just for me. Because I felt of His presence I could deal with the situation with peace, even though I was afraid. 

I am so grateful that Jesus Christ came to the earth to teach us how to live and love. He came to earth in such humble circumstances and lived a perfect life in simplicity. He healed the sick, caused the blind to see, the lame to walk and the deaf to hear. He preformed so many miracles while He was here and most importantly showed us the way. I love him. 

The day will come when He will come again and we will be able to be with Him if we so choose. He will dry all of our tears and we will know what He has truly done for each of us.

Here is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. It sums up why for me Christmas has come to mean more.

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  1. Oh Ashley, I don't know how you do it. I can't imagine experiencing such saddness from your child. You are right, only the Savior can make it better. I hope this Christmas is less eventful and you can be home with your small fries. What a sweet testimony to share.