Monday, December 12, 2011

The best of friends

Over Thanksgiving we went to T&Chases. Our family stayed in Alyssa and Ashlyn's room. My girls thought it was the greatest thing ever that they got to share a room. After we got home the girls talked repeatedly about sharing a room and would constantly beg to be moved in together. Jed and I were hesitant because we remembered them sharing a room in the apartment. Emma would stand up in the crib and talk to Ruby and Ruby would run out shouting that Emma was keeping her awake. We were thrilled when they got to have their own rooms. They were too.

As they kept asking I kept warming to the idea. I would have thoughts like, "I should be happy they want to be together" "It would be so special for them to being in the same room for Christmas and be able to share their excitement." "When I shared a room with my sister I loved being able to talk to her"

Jed and I were still in chats about it and one day the girls asked again and we set up rules that they agreed to. The thing I worried about the most is that they would have too much time together and it would encourage fighting. After we all agreed the three of us prepped Ruby's stuff for the move. They were so cute and would grab tools and pretend to ratchet the bolts. They were also very good to hold the frame so it wouldn't fall when we were taking it apart. Such good helpers.

Todd and Meg offered us this bedroom set. It worked out perfectly, we just split up the quilts and there were 2 sheet sets, a rug, and the curtain panels. The girls love it so much and are so glad for this kind gift that Todd and Meg gave them. They are very good about making their beds and keeping toys out of there. I made them agree that it was a place for them to be together and if they wanted to play they could head down the hall to Ruby's old room which is now the toy room.

Jed was suprised that we did it without him. The girls are doing great and are so happy to be sharing their space and they are keeping their end of the bargain. Family relationships are everything and in the words of Junie B. Jones seeing them together makes me want "to clap my hands very happy." They are so good to each other.

They are the best of friends.


  1. We went through the same dilemma when our girls wanted to share a room. I decided to give it a trial run, and now I can't imagine it any other way. They do fight at times, and sometimes one keeps the other up at night, but for the most part, I think it has definitely fostered a good friendship and brings them closer. You are a good mama!

  2. there is nothing better than a sister. I am glad they have each other.