Saturday, December 10, 2011

Late overs and B-day interviews

As far as Birthday parties go, we allow the girls to have their first party when they are 5 and then they get a party every other year. This year it was our off year for parties but the girls get to have a late over at the beginning of each month. We made it a double and they both got to have a friend over for dinner and a movie. Emma invited Delphia and Ruby invited Julianna. We had waffles for dinner and the girls had a great evening playing and watching a movie. Eli had his dinner but felt the need to infringe on Delphia's. It was pretty funny.

*I feel a little stupid that I threw in the Mommy and Daddy card. I did it with the only thought being that Emma would say Daddy. I was positive she would. Anyway it blew up in my face and leaves me looking like and idiot and that I needed her to clap me on the back because I am such an amazing mama. I will now exit to climb under my rock. Please excuse me. *

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  1. Love the videos of the girls! They are so adorable! I am totally gonna start the interview thing! Cute idea!