Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas morning we spent letting the kids open their stockings, which Santa always bring part of our breakfast in. My cute sister delivered a Christmas wreath bread to me the day before. It was amazing. It was our families tradition growing up. It is time consuming, but when she dropped it off I was so excited and I told Jed that was her way of saying I love you without saying it.

Jed made breakfast, and after we got ready for church. Jed and I both sing in the choir and usually I just go to practice but don't preform because it is difficult to have someone come to sit with the kids while we both go sing. It causes too much commotion. However for this performance our primary president who also sings in the choir offered to have her husband and children sit with ours. Her girls sat with my girls on the bench and Steve sat with Eli on the bench behind. It was so sweet of them. It worked nicely as I was also singing in a small group. Our meeting consisted mostly of music with narration. It was such a emotional program for me there would be times that I would have to stop singing because I would get so choked up over the words. Particularly in the second verse of Away in a Manger where it says "But little Lord Jesus no crying he makes. I love thee, Lord Jesus." and also into the 3rd verse "Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay close by me forever and love me I pray." How many of us don't want that. I love the spirit that was felt. We also sang Mack Wilberg's arrangement What shall we give. You can hear it here. It is amazing.

We came home and opened gifts. Like I said in a previous post, we had secret Santa's who brought gifts that were so special. In particular beautiful sweaters; one for each child. I have no idea where these came from. But they are such a treasure to me and as the kids grow out of them they will be one of those things that get put with special items, that remind us of goodness and special moments.

I got a very special gift from the girls but that deserves a post of it's own. I will also include a picture of the kids in their sweaters because I know you would feel cheated if I didn't ;)

The kids got to play with their things for a little bit and then we went to our spend the rest of the day with our families. We had a wonderful day that was filled with so much happiness and feelings of love for those we are so blessed to call family. I also relished the time that I got to cuddle Brock and Brevin.

Santa brought Eli a swing so that we could hang it in his doorway to help him with his sadness about not being able to go outside. He LOVES it! Sorry it is turned sideways. I always forget that I can't turn it later.

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  1. I am excited to hear about this special gift, and see the sweaters! We still need a picture in ours....