Monday, December 5, 2011

Mr. Eli

Eli started going to nursery in October. I was so worried that he wouldn't like it or would frustrate the leaders, and that he wouldn't want to sit in a chair. However both are contrary. He loves it, and he leaders are so loving. I am so happy for that. When we go to church the nursery room is the first one he goes into.

He has been able to go up the stairs for a long time, but going down was proving tricky because he wanted to stand up and sometimes his balance isn't the best, and there have been times that he has tried to go down head first. We have had a gate up for a long time and when at a friends home that have three levels I discovered that he won't try to go down unless someone is there. We took the gate down (it screws into the wall.) and after a week Eli has had great success. He likes being able to go where he wants to.

He is also signing a few words now. He can sign eat, more, milk and want. We are slowly working on adding more. We have a speech therapist that is coming to see him to in hopes of helping him move along verbally. That is where his biggest frustration comes from, he knows what he wants but can't communicate it to us. Signing has helped but it is a new thing even though we have been pushing it for months. When we stopped pushing it he did it on his own. His speech therapist believes the delay in speech is from his seizures, and asked if we thought it was possible that it was genetic. At this point that is the only thing that makes sense, as everything comes back normal. I don't know of any other family member who has seizures, but my grandma is adopted and I have often wondered if it comes from the family info we know nothing about.

Eli is a bright boy, he loves to be with the girls, being outside, wielding the light saber, things that make sound, being on the bed. This Eli and his friend Reese. Love this handsome little guy.


  1. He's so stinking cute Ashley!! How fortunate that he loves Nursery. Toby was my worst at transitioning into Nursery. Oh man he was a nightmare! LOL. (Molly loves it, on the other hand and I think we're going to get a lot of resistance from her in January when she moves up to Sunbeams :P )

  2. He sure is a handsome guy! Love reading up on him! I would also love to see you again! :)

  3. He is so handsome, Ashley. It's fun to hear what he's been learning. He's so precious.