Friday, December 23, 2011

Emma and E-man

They have moved some of the sunbeam classes around in our ward a bit as need be this year and with that has come E-man being moved into Emma's class. I think one week they played Rapunzel during class (Bless their teachers heart) and ever since then they have been such good little friends.

I wished Emma happy birthday on facebook and I got this comment from his mom: "happy birthday emma! so last night ethan got a fever & we told him he wouldn't be going to church today. "but i need to sing happy birsday to emma! it is her birsday!" he was so sad! it took me a bit to figure out which emma he was talking about...happy birthday from ethan!"

At our ward Christmas party, we were sitting at a table and his family walked in and he plopped in a seat at our table and asked where Emma was. He sat by us the whole time and I later saw the two of them together right before the primary preformed and he had his arm around her and brushed some hair out of her face. These two really are so funny. I always joke with his mom when I see cute things like this that when ever she is ready to look into wedding announcements we will be at the ready. :)

They occasionally have playdates, and they are just so fun to watch, and also to hear the things they say to each other. I love that my kids have good friends.

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