Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In Awe

I am somewhat of a retrospec writer, because I think about things long after they happen and I like to mull over things. My heart is full of gratitude. I don't like writing about the stresses of our life, because even with those things our life is so beautiful, I like to remember the beautiful things.

This year for us has been difficult, but I have come to understand that there is no shame in difficulty, everyone has such circumstances. But here is where the gratitude comes in. We have grown closer because of them and have learned important things. I would not trade our experience. This year it never fails that when ever we have had a need of some sort that we ourselves couldn't take care of, the need was met. We have always had so many people just rushing to love and support us. This truly has been a year of miracles. Words cannot express the love that we have felt.

-Clothing for the kids. It seems right when we needed these things people would call or text me and ask if I could use a certain size they were getting rid of. Such an amazing blessing, my girls have loved all of the exquisitely cute things they have received. (Much cuter than their cheapskate mother would buy.)

-My sister showing up randomly at my door with band aids, lotion, scotch tape or calling to tell me about a great sell going on that would help me get things very inexpensively. She is the expert.

-A birthday sum given to Ruby to help her achieve her dream of Disneyland.

-My mom noticing that the girls shoes were getting a bit hashed and offering to take them shoe shopping as part of their birthday gifts. My mother is an angel.

-A friend setting up a small babysitting co-op. We have only done it one month but how could they have possibly known that we were desperate for a date or that our anniversary was in November. Truly a tender mercy.

-My sweet primary children who give me hugs and have written me Christmas cards.

-Our Sunday babysitter, who watches the children so Jed and I can go to choir practice for an hour after church. Melia is so sweet, my kids adore her.

-My next door neighbor who checks in on me, even though she has her hands full with 7 children at home. She also let me break into her house the other day with a credit card to borrow a 1/8 of a cup of molasses when she wasn't home. She also lets me spill said molasses on her porch when I try to break in. She is that amazing.

-Jed's parents giving us their couches and table. I am so thankful to have a table big enough to seat our all of our family and also have room for guests.

-A neighbor who we saw when we were out on a walk and Ruby started telling them that we were saving to go to Disneyland. This person reached into her pocket and gave Ruby 5 dollars to put toward her fund.

-Surprises that have shown up on our doorstep anonymously both for the kids and Jed and I. How I wish these incredibly amazing people could see my children's faces on Christmas. I have no words for these kinds acts, just tears. If you are a reader, thank you.

I know that Heavenly Father keeps His promises. He loves us perfectly and cares so much for all of us. Our lives have been so blessed by the hands of others. It is my hope that we can reciprocate the love that has been given to us and share it with others.


  1. I think you are the one that spreads the love first to others and that is one reason why they love to give back! You are that AWESOME! Love ya!

  2. This is a sweet post. It's easy to get bogged down in life, but there are lot's of tender mercies there. Someone said to me, "It's never a straight shot to the finish line." Life is bumpy, but good friends and family soften the blows. glad you've been strengthend.