Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ruby turns 6

6 years ago Ruby was born. It is amazing how much life has changed in such a short time. The one thing that has not changed is that Ruby brings joy to my life.

So often when I look at Ruby, I feel like I am seeing myself. She experiences some of the same feelings I experienced as a child, and still feel as an adult. Sometimes that makes me happy and other times, I hurt for her because I know what she is feeling. With that in mind it is sometimes difficult to know how to best help her. I can a) do what is most sensible and treat it in the same way that I was raised. or b) I try to think what is best to help her from the stand point of "I know exactly what that emotion or feeling is." But sometimes that is even more confusing.

I feel like Ruby is an old soul. She always reminds us to floss, read the scriptures, pray, and do the right thing even when others are being unkind. She truly is a good girl. Ruby loves art and could spend hours drawing, coloring and painting. She loves to sing and very often makes up her own lyrics and recently told me she is in love with "Justin Beaver" I tried to correct her and she said "Bieber is too silly of a last name to be real." We laughed our heads off tonight as we sang the 12 days of Christmas in our operatic voices. I think Ruby's two favorite things in the whole world is being with her family and friends. She loves people and is devastated when she hasn't seen her friends in a whole day. ( I mentioned that we may be getting together with Koen and she lit up like a Christmas tree. :)

Her favorite phrase on her birthday was "Can I do this since it is my birthday?"

I had a music practice on her birthday and I knew that it just wouldn't do to leave for a few minutes on her special day so I brought her along with me and she loved it. Whatever it is, Ruby wants to be a part of it. I am singing with Ruby's first primary teacher in this ward, Amanda Goodman, and it was so sweet of her to remember ruby and brought her a card, candycane, pencil, and a hair clip.

Ruby has brought a sweetness to my life that encourages me to be better and more what I can and should be. She has also brought strong emotions and a temper with her too, and ya know what? We'll take it. Love you Rubes!


  1. OH that little one has got such spunk! She is too cute! We do need to get together. I am bummed I have plan on the 16th. And what the heck that your kiddos get out a whole week before mine!? Koen goes off track after Christmas though...

  2. Happy Birthday Ruby! I've always loved Ruby, probably because she reminds me so much of you. You are a good mama, Ashley.